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Why One Should Buy a League of Legends Account

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has been a source of entertainment for a huge number of gamers worldwide. With almost 150 million registered accounts, it is one of the most well-known multiplayer online games in the gaming industry. League of Legends won the Game award for best esports game for 3 consecutive years from 2019- 2021. There is no doubt that people spend time, money and energy to advance in it.

But as you progress in the game, doesn’t it get boring after a time? It does, right. There comes a moment when the players want to experience more, something different, something new. This is where buying a LoL account comes into the picture.

Now you would be wondering why should I buy a League of Legends account when I can create one for free. There are several reasons that gamers today prefer to buy league accounts. Few of the principal reasons are listed below:

Time Saving

In League of Legends, the real fun begins when you make it to level 30. And to achieve that one would need at least 21389 XP. You get 90 XP per game and a game takes at least 25 minutes to clear. If we do all the maths, you would have to play at least for 100 hours to reach level 30. Isn’t it so time consuming? Wouldn’t you prefer levelling up faster? Well, buying a LoL account enables you to do so. And you wouldn’t even have to pay so much for that. LoL accounts for sale are available on several websites and at a cheap price. A level 30 LoL account is usually available at 10$ - 30$. And as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”. So why not save some time with a small fortune of 10$ and invest it in enjoying the game?

Use Various Servers and Regions When Playing

In this game each region has a distinctly unique playstyle. When you play from your main account, you can only play from the server available in your country. After playing for a long time one can get tired of playing in the same scenery. And if you want to try a new region, you’d have to purchase  2600 RP to make a one-way transfer which can cost around 20$. Buying a Lol account facilitates you to compete in different zones and servers and at low price. With an account like that you also have the opportunity to play with friends from other regions as well.

Play With Pals With Lesser Ranks

Play with pals with lesser ranks

Imagine, one of your buddies just started playing LoL and has a lower rank. And now  you both want to play the game together. But it isn’t possible because you have a higher rank. Now what is the meaning of playing a game if you can’t even do it with your own people. No worries, smurfs accounts are the solution here. All LoL accounts for sale are unranked. So you can compete with your friend with the same level of difficulties and skills which they are at ease with. So with a smurf account both players can have fun and enjoy their time playing.

Cost - Effective

As all the gamers who play Lol know that in order to progress in the game one needs to not only spend time but also money. At some point you’d have to pay either to acquire XP for qualifying the levels or to buy skins or RP etc. All of it costs quite a fortune. Buying a smurf account is way cheaper and it comes with a lot of other benefits. With almost all of the league accounts, you get a minimum 20000 BE which can be used to purchase champions which is cheaper than if you purchase those individually.

Free IP, BE and RP

When you obtain a LoL account, you get all its IP, BE and RP, which are on average 20k IP, 20k BE and some Riot Points. All the gamers are aware that these are really important points to go ahead in the game and to create a more interesting appearance. All these points can be used to gain several benefits as the gamers see fit. IP, influence points can be used to unlock champions, acquire different types of runes and rune pages permanently. Unlike BE RP can only be obtained by paying real life currency. It can be utilised to acquire champion skins, bundles, summoner’s icon, event passes or to change summoners name etc from the Riot store.

Your Primary Account Being Lost

Let’s assume that for some reason you lost your main account or it is now banned or simply you want to create a new account and start over. What would be the best approach to do it?

Well, you can start from scratch until you level up to 30. It is where the real show commences. But most gamers choose not to do that because it takes them too long to perform and is boring after a certain time period. The other option is to purchase an unranked account with level 30 and avoid wasting time on the things you’ve already done and start with the game immediately even after losing one account.

With all these perks of buying a LoL account mentioned above, I’d also like to point out that at esports4g you can get all these extras even in the same account. There are thousands of verified League of Legends accounts for sale available on the website. You also have the option to sell your account and within a safe environment. And it’s as easy as buying any other thing on the internet.

But be cautious, because some sellers can also be frauds. Often the buyers receive accounts which either get banned after sometime the purchase was made or aren’t attainable at all. What’s more, there are accounts which are stolen and it could be a big problem for buyers. Below I’ll highlight some of the most crucial details to check before buying an account.

Seek out what you require

When you look for a smurf account, there are plenty of LoL accounts, each and every has their own rewards and perks. But there are some things one should consider according to one’s needs. You can go for an unranked account or if your main account has a lower rank and you want to play in higher league ranks, then you should choose an account with high rank. How many champions a league account has matters a lot as well because if an account doesn’t have many permanent champions, you’d have to grind to access those. There are other things to check as well, like if you want some different skin or thinking of trying some new servers. So, before the purchase make sure that you get the most out of the deal.

Protect yourself from potential scammers

Check the login details is the another point you should keep in mind. Also make sure that the seller has a good repute. Try not to connect with the seller directly but through a well known website. Also ask the vendor about the warranty of the product. Or you could face difficulties while accessing it in the future.

In addition, ensure that the payment method you’re using is secure because most of the time the payment is made via credit/debit card and any scammer can misuse it.

Feedbacks from fellow gamers

In this era of online shopping the chances of getting scammed increase as well. So like any other shopping website the best way to determine the authenticity of a product or the website is by reading what other customers have to say about it. Look for some honest feedback and then decide to go ahead with the bargain.

Inquire the delivery time

It’s a big necessity to know at what time the transfer can be expected. If it requires longer than a day, it’s surely a red flag and you should avoid that.

So what are you waiting for now? Hurry and get yourself the account you desire but do exercise caution. The best platform to go for is ESPORTS4G. Visit now to know the reason.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying WoW Accounts

Are you a member of the millions that have joined the Battle for Azeroth? Do you spend hours after hours making items, farming gold, and prepping for a raid monster in World of Warcraft? Do you wish to ride the ultimate MMORPG hype train that began in 2004 by buying WoW Accounts? Or maybe you left it and want an easier way back? Buying World of Warcraft accounts is your best bet.

You might be unsure of the reasons for you to buy World of Warcraft account. You can level it yourself, after all. Well, it's not really that easy.

Stay put; Esports4g sells WoW accounts. There are tonnes of legendary World of Warcraft accounts available for purchase. Utilize legendary mounts to take the fight to your opponents.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every account put up for sale here is safe and secure since we want you to absolutely love your new account for the rest of your life.

All of the WoW accounts for sale on Esports4g are owned by their original owners and are safely levelled by gamers. The only marketplace in the world where you can buy game accounts with complete confidence is

To ensure that we work with only the best and most skilled accounts, we thoroughly examine every seller. Before we buy or sell an account, we thoroughly investigate it to make sure there are no warning signs. This helps to ensure that any account you buy from us is risk-free and won't affect your gameplay.

Since your complete satisfaction is our topmost priority, we are always available to assist you if you experience any problems with an account you purchase from us. In case you run into problems, we won't abandon you. You should know that Esports4g has your back and have the peace of mind to purchase.

At Esports4g, our foremost goal is to ensure that your experience here is nothing short of exceptional. We ensure that all transactions are Protected and Ensure security for both buyers and sellers.

To ensure that all accounts are correctly offered, we ID verify sellers before enabling them to list an account for sale on our platform. An excellent way to improve your gaming experience is to buy a WoW Account.

Here is how to buy WoW Accounts from us!

ü  Browse the WoW accounts for sale on our website to find the account you're looking for among the many options available at Esports4g.

ü  Examine the deal description for the account you've chosen. When you're ready to buy an account, click the "Buy Now" button and select your preferred payment method. Shop with confidence, knowing that each account on this page was securely sold by the original owner.

ü   When your order is complete, a chat room will open in which you can directly communicate with the seller.

ü  Depending on the delivery schedule, you will receive information for your game accounts within the time limit specified by the seller. Usually, delivery occurs immediately.

ü  Use a new game account by logging in with the information provided, making the necessary modifications, and then continue.

ü  Please leave some helpful feedback once you've received your WoW accounts.

About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a video game in which you take on the role of a fictional character from the Warcraft realm. Forming coalitions with other WoW users and completing "quests" or objectives all contribute to the development of your avatar.

World of Warcraft Retail refers to the original and ongoing version of World of Warcraft (as opposed to WoW Classic), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Over the years, Blizzard has incorporated never-before-seen mechanics in WoW.

All Characters

Cross-realm, sharding, flight, LFT (Looking for Raid group), and many other innovations are among these mechanics. However, many players love the game's slower and more difficult old version. The current and polished version appeal to a much larger number of players due to its fast-experience-gaining method.

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The Best Gaming Accessories You Can Buy Online In India

In this generation becoming a pro gamer is something which requires you to have myriad strong gaming accessories. It’s not like a decade back when you can be called a king gamer by just having a decent computer setup and strong gaming skills. In this era, you need to have a vigorous computer setup and advanced equipment in order to succeed and compete in this fast-paced world of gaming.

If you are too busy as a gamer but you still need better modifications and specifications for your current PC setup, you can always look out for online gaming accessories while being engaged in gaming. So let’s talk about some of the best gaming accessories for your PC you can buy online.

Section 1: The gaming accessories you need

Graphics Cards

You are best suited for games played in high resolutions and frame rates in the more demanding graphics category. In this case, having a decent video card is the only way to keep up.

Next, you should have a strong processor with good overclocking capabilities along with other supporting hardware in order to handle all the craziness you are up to. Your graphics card or your CPU or any other hardware elements are only as strong as your power supply. Therefore, having a power supply that has sufficient watts is of utmost importance.

Power supply

Most PC gamers have multiple power supply units, i.e., an operating power supply, a backup power supply, and so on. That’s why it’s important to buy a power supply which has all the required characteristics you require.

What to look for in a gaming setup

1. You need to look out for an advanced CPU and GPU for your system in order to achieve high frame rates.

2. You also need the latest RAM and fast SSD storage.

3. You need a larger monitor for playing and streaming games online.

4. If you want a custom design for your gaming setup, you can go for a cool case.

5. And of course, you also need a stable power supply to run your system efficiently.

Tips for choosing gaming accessories

1. You should buy a gaming headset for playing games.

2. You can consider buying a gaming mouse, and keyboard for playing online games with good accuracy and response times.

3. Gaming keyboards are a must for online gaming to be effective and lag-free.

4. Gaming accessories for your PC

If you’re a PC gamer, there’s always a roadblock for your progress and attaining a good rank in the game. Gaming accessories help you play your game efficiently and give you the edge. Gaming accessories are responsible for keeping your PC computer up and running and all other peripherals within the right settings, in order to play the game flawlessly.

Gaming accessories for PC gamers include gaming headsets that allow you to game in an accurate and entertaining manner. Also, the gaming keyboard will assist you to effortlessly deciphering all the messages and commands while you are in-game mode.

You can also go for a mechanical gaming keyboard with a number pad or a gaming mouse for easy and quick control of the in-game movements.


The above list provides you with a well-organized compilation of all the best gaming accessories you can buy in India at an affordable price. Most of the products featured above are only available on Amazon. So you can either pay a nominal fee for additional shipping or a few bucks more if you want to use Amazon’s Pay Without PayPal option for the sake of convenience.

Check out these gaming accessories below!

SK-7 Gaming Multi-Device Charging Station

If you have a plethora of devices in your house like a gaming console, a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, you are bound to run out of battery while playing games and charging devices. This charger station will be an all-in-one solution and will charge all the devices on one unit.

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Things To Consider While Buying Gaming Parts For Your Perfect Gaming Pc Build

For the recently started, constructing a gaming PC is a madly scary undertaking. In any event, coming from a non-specialized foundation, the cycle isn't as alarming as you envision. It's less likened to PC designing, and more prefer to building a Lego set if the Legos were much less in number and a lot pricier. 

Like any issue, it assists with separating it into parts, for this situation, PC parts. 

What do you have to fabricate a gaming PC and what to consider as far as gaming PC part similarity? Here is an exhaustive Gaming PC part list, with a warning we give as a matter of fact: be careful about part similarity and do your examination before you purchase any singular part! 



Gaming Computer Case


Power Supply Unit/PSU

Graphic Cards



Cooling is essential to keep your CPU / GPU thermal performance in check and maintain efficiency at its best. If you plan to perform intensive system tasks in high-temperature environments, it is necessary. Air cooling is sufficient for most regular PC gamers.

1) Liquid Cooling — These systems typically use distilled water as the cooling medium. Water has a significantly greater capacity to absorb heat (heat capacity) than air, which means it can keep components cooler than air-cooled for the same workload. Various liquid cooling solutions exist, from closed to open systems to fully submerged systems and more.

2) Air Cooling — The cheapest and easiest cooling method is achieved with heat sinks and fans. Air-cooled solutions can get bulky, heavy, and require good airflow, making more noise than liquid-cooled solutions.

Ready to buy? Buy cooling systems.

Gaming Computer Case

The case is one of the cheapest of all gaming computer parts. Rejoice, your wallet! However, you should consider the size of your motherboard when selecting your subject and any additional fans or cooling systems you want to put in the case.

Some considerations when buying a gaming case are below: 

1) Motherboard size — ATX motherboards are the gold standard in motherboard sizes, giving manufacturers great capacity for expansion. However, if you want to build a Gaming PC with a smaller form factor, a MATX or MiniITX motherboard can fit your needs. The spectrum of motherboard sizes, from small to large, is MiniITX > MATX > ATX > EATX.

2) Form factor — Are you going for a full tower, an intermediate tower, or a miniITX? The Midtower cases, the most common case size, have a standard height of 18" and a width of 7.5" and are suitable for ATX motherboards, which have a standard length of 9.6" and less. Some mid-tower cases, however, can accommodate EATX motherboards, which are typically 13" long. Total tower cases have a standard minimum height of 22" and 8" wide and fit comfortably on EATX motherboards, as well as a plethora of additional cooling components and fans to keep your PC cool and your airflow optimal. Minitower cases, although they may provide more portability and a smaller footprint, limit your ability to do this. Evolve your gaming desktop and your potential motherboard selection (it should be MATX or MiniITX). They are 14" high and 7" wide and under.

3) Graphic card length —While that's not quite the issue, your graphics card may be too tall for you. Be wary of the dimensional specifications of your Graphics card to ensure it is compatible with your case.

Ready to buy? Shop computer cases.


The CPU is essential when building your gaming desktop. It's the silicone soul of your PC, and it distinguishes a powerful gaming machine from a tame laptop for surfing the web: web and word processing. At the time of writing, AMD and Intel are the two primary CPU chip makers.

Here is some point to keep in mind while buying CPU for a gaming computer :

Core count and thread count —The cores are the processors of the processor. Current processors range between two and 64 cores, and each processor contains four to eight cores. Each heart can perform a task or work together to do a job more efficiently and make specific software work faster. The number of threads defines the number of functions that your PC can perform simultaneously. Most modern processors have hyperthreading technology, where an extra thread is added per core, so it's a different virtual core.

Want to buy? Shop CPUs Online

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The power supply(PSU) converts the electricity from your plug into a low-voltage direct current for consumption by PC components. It connects directly to power supplies, including the motherboard, fan, and graphics card. When choosing a power adapter, here are your primary considerations:

1) Electrical Size/Wattage — Your power supply needs will depend on what you choose for your other parts. Modern power supplies typically range from 400W to 1200W. However, if you decide to upgrade a single part in the future, you will increase your electricity needs. For an average gaming PC, 700W and above should be enough to meet your needs.

2) Efficiency Rating — A higher degree of efficiency generally indicates better components and less wasted energy and heat. For example, a power rating of more than 80 means that your system consumes 80% of the nominal power, and 20% is lost as heat.

Ready to buy? Shop Power Supply Units

Graphic Card/ Video Card

No component other than the graphics processing unit, or GPU, will be the most significant factor in gaming performance. While the CPU keeps track of data, the GPU is responsible for recording that data and preserving it. Display on your gaming monitor. They run close together, so if your CPU isn't processing what's happening in your game fast enough, it will slow down your GPU's visual output to wait for your CPU, resulting in lower frame rates (lag) and a bottleneck- effect. TL; DR is not cheap on either side!

Things to know before buying a GPU:

GPU Memory (VRAM)Graphics cards typically contain between 2GB and 12GB of video RAM. For 1080p games, you will need at least a 4GB VRAM graphics card, but a 6GB VRAM graphics card is best, especially if you want to increase your refresh rate. For any resolution above 1080p, such as 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K), an 8GB VRAM graphics card is best. Typically, more than 8GB of VRAM is used for GPU-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphics rendering, artificial intelligence applications, and virtual reality.

Budget – GPUs vary significantly in cost. You could spend anywhere from Rs 6000 for a very basic GPU for older computer games, or up to Rs 2 lakh. Your budget will depend on the resolution you want, be it 720p to 4K. For most gamers, spending $ 200 on your GPU should be enough for most games.

Ports — GPU must have ports compatible with monitor(s), DisplayPort, or DVI. 

Games – Take a look at the graphics requirements of the games you want to play. If you're looking for a trip to gaming memory, you may not need a top-of-the-line GPU. However, be prepared to pay for the piper GPU if you want to play the latest graphically photorealistic games on high settings.

Power supply (PSU) — Mid-range graphics cards (4GB 6GB VRAM) generally require at least a 450W power supply. If you need a GPU with 8GB of VRAM or more, a power supply of at least 600W is the best choice. Also, consider additional power connections for your power supply. 

Case — Make sure that your case fits your GPU! Consider all dimensions, and also consider GPUs that come in half-height, single-slot, dual-slot, and possibly triple-slot formats. The double slot is the most typical. Note that while your card may technically occupy 1 or 2 slots on your motherboard, the heat sink or fan could block a slot.

Ready to buy? Shop Graphic Card in India Online


Between CPU and GPU, RAM plays the second most important role in your computer's performance. Your RAM needs will vary depending on what you want your gaming PC to do if it's more than just gaming. Usually, most users get by with 8GB to 16GB of RAM. At least 16GB of RAM is best for a high-end AR / VR / graphic design/video editing workstation, but 8GB is a good start for most gaming needs. It is straightforward to upgrade your RAM in the future. If your needs change, add another device to your motherboard!

1) DDR generation — Check if your motherboard is compatible with the generation of DDR RAM you purchased. DDR3 RAM will not work on a motherboard that supports DDR4 DIMM slots and vice versa.

2) Motherboard form factor

3) RAM form factor (DIMM vs. SO-DIMM)

Looking to buy RAM? Buy RAM Online

Consider these points while buying gaming parts for building your gaming zones. Want to know about which Gaming Accessories and Peripherals to consider? Click here.

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Call Of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Reveals Map Looks Modes and that's Just the Beginning

Call Of Duty: Vanguard is the most up-to-date forthcoming title in eventually all Call of Duty series. With a fresh out of the drama, the new trailer for Vanguard is now out and, players are at long last having the opportunity to see multiplayer gameplay very closely. 

However, that is not close to as very close they will see it once Call of Duty: Vanguard's beta starts this end of the week, from September 10 to September 13. To get ready players for precisely what they ought to expect for the multiplayer of this specific title, Activision set up a video detailing every one of the new and returning elements for Call of Duty: Vanguard's multiplayer.

While the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta previously affirmed specific maps and modes, the video shows them more defined. The maps are taken from everywhere the World War 2 theater, from the Pacific to Russia, with 20 maps. Sixteen of these maps are for standard multiplayer, including group deathmatch and another mode called Patrol, which includes constantly catching a hardpoint that gets across the maps intermittently. These guides can likewise be set to three distinct modes: Tactical, Assault, and Blitz, which control speed or time between firefights (slow, medium, and quick, individually).

The excess four maps center around Champion Hill, a model presented in the game's Alpha. Call Of Duty: Vanguard's Champion Hill mode is a competition where eight groups of a few players contend with being the last group remaining across the four maps simultaneously. Besides ongoing interaction modes, new components of interactivity were additionally discussed. The destructible conditions were conspicuous, yet the returning mounted fire framework was further discussed, where players can effectively fire over or around cover. This accompanies the capacity to dazzle shoot, where players stay squatted behind cover yet jab their weapon out and discharge with restricted to no sight. 

Further add-on thoughts are taken from Call of Duty titles. This incorporates Call of Duty Vanguard's own factions, a gunsmith mode, and make a class. This last component is notwithstanding the unique cast of characters of Vanguard being the fundamental players in the multiplayer also, as opposed to country-adjusted groups. 

The best part to me yet is the blind firing. Suppose if you are in a cover around and need to shoot while not getting noticed. The blind firing button allows you to get a sneak peek position and gun over your head, aim, and shoot without getting killed. 

While Vanguard's gunsmith mode was released early, it is, in any case, one of the additional intriguing parts of the game. Essential weapons can be redone with an assortment of intense choices, from the barrel to the ammo.

You will get a pretty good view of knowing if the new features meet your expectations with the call of duty vanguard multiplayer.

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Far Cry 6 Review- ESPORTS4G

Are you a Far Cry 6 Fan? You Would Like this short review then. I have not explained the all in whole but this would be fair enough for you to get the urge to play the game. The Far Cry series has since a long time ago experienced something of a personality emergency. Is it a complex–the bubbled story of courage, or a ridiculous material science jungle gym with pet bears and flamethrowers?

The appropriate response has typically been “a touch of both,” which is not something awful. Far Cry 6 doesn’t resist that pattern – the flamethrower most certainly hasn’t gone anyplace.

however, the most distant down the line portion figures out how to streamline a ton of the knocks that have sprung up in the beyond a couple of games and in doing as such turns into the best the series has been in years – yet it additionally misses a few stages, particularly with its refreshed stock framework, and that makes some new issues on the way.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 indeed sees you caught in a vast open-world constrained by an appealing psycho, this time on the anecdotal island country of Yara.

Even after this many games, the work of transforming every one of the red spots on your guide into blue ones is as yet a fun time, regardless of whether by guilefully hushing each enemy or by going the more straightforward way of rolling slugs and Molotovs at them until nobody is left.

The story is pretty predictable by the strategies and the deaths you’d expect from a big-budget popcorn flick. It figures out how to adjust its more genuine principle story with the more silly parts of its freestyle gunplay better than any Far Cry game in recent memory – however, I think it likewise favors excessively intensely on the saying of “grizzled-yet-ridiculous” veteran fighters.

Conclusion On Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the absolute most fun I’ve had with this series in almost 5 years. Its cast conveys solid exhibitions across an agreeable story, regardless of whether additionally, a genuinely unsurprising one doesn’t generally land the greater strokes it attempts to take. Also,

despite some unstable new stock mechanics and a modest bunch of odd plan decisions, its imaginative weaponry implies bringing down a station, scouring a guard, or even taking a ride with a friend has never felt good.

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FIFA 22 Launch In UK Sold 35% Fewer Physical Copies Than FIFA 21

Reports state that while FIFA 22 entered the UK outlines directly at number 1 true to form, EA sold observably fewer copies than when FIFA 21 dispatched the year before. This proceeds with a descending pattern for real deals of the game, as FIFA 21 itself sold 42% fewer copies at dispatch than FIFA 20. 

This news doesn’t mean FIFA 22 has failed to meet expectations on its dispatch week contrasted with last year’s down. The above marketing projections don’t consider computerized deals of the game. As GamesIndustry calls attention to, last year, more players purchased the advanced rendition of FIFA than the actual one. 

EA offered a 10% rebate on its digital games for individuals from its EA Play membership administration (incorporated with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and offered a further 10% markdown on FIFA 22 to anyone who pre-requested it through an in-game connection in FIFA 21. 

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Accordingly, standard players of the series would have had the option to purchase the computerized variant of the game for up to 20% less expensive than the basic form, which might have prompted expanded advanced deals. 

Likewise, reports state that of the actual copies of  FIFA 22 sold for this present week, 64% were on PlayStation consoles.

41% of deals were on PS4, while 23% were on PS5. In the meantime, 27% were on Xbox One while simply 4% were on Xbox Series X. Once more, this might be because of expanded digital deals on Xbox consoles, particularly the advanced just Xbox Series S. 

5% of deals were on Switch, regardless of FIFA 22 being the framework’s third Legacy Edition, basically making it FIFA 19 with a crew and pack refreshes. 


Somewhere else in the UK diagrams, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dropped to number 2, while the deferred variant of Sonic Colors Ultimate was another section at number 3. Hot Wheels Unleased was the central other new passage, coming in at number 4.

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Why One Should Buy a League of Legends Account

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has been a source of entertainment for a huge number of gamers worldwide. With almost 150 milli...